Beach Sessions

Galveston is a tourist town and I LOVE that I get to meet families from all over the country when they are visiting!

Sometimes it’s just a couple with one or two children…

Sunshine Wishes Photography Galveston Family Beach Photographer Summer 2014

Sometimes it’s a family with their parents getting together for a special anniversary…

Sunshine Wishes Photography Galveston Family Beach Photographer Trisha

Sometimes it’s a whole extended family, traveling in from different states, and the only time that they have all been together in YEARS!


Whatever the case may be, capturing these moments of family togetherness is so special for me!

I’ve found that a little planning and preparation (and collaboration with your photographer…wink wink), makes all the difference in the world for making your experience go from Ho Hum Drum to WOWZIE – THAT WAS INCREDIBLY FUN AND PAINLESS!!!!

STEP 1 Select a fabulous photographer and plan your outfits. The most frequent question I hear is “What should we wear?” My favorite sessions are the ones where complementary colors are used and everyone isn’t all wearing white or the same exact thing! Also, don’t worry about coordinating SHOES! Who wears shoes to the beach?? You can just bring sandals for walking to and from…

Has anyone heard of Pinterest?? Of course you have! Do a quick search for “what to wear for beach photos” and you will be inundated with so many ideas it may be hard to choose!!! Of course I always save lots of ideas on Pinterest and that may be a good place to start! My Pinterest Inspiration for Families and My Pinterest What to Wear Board.

You can FOLLOW ME on Pinterest or just select some boards to follow!

STEP 2 Watch this short video I created with lots of sample photos, suggestions, tips and ideas to help you in the planning and preparation for your beach shoot!

STEP 3 GUESS WHAT??!!! I also created a handy-dandy checklist you can download and print so you don’t have to try and remember everything from the video!!! You’re WELCOME!

Beach Session Checklist web


Wishing you Sunshine and Happiness and Perfect Beach Days ALWAYS!