Photography Tip for Real Smiles {One Shot} Galveston Family Beach Photographer

Sometimes I would like to share just one shot from a photo session. Not necessarily a “sneak peek”, but one shot that I’d like to say something about or share a photography tip. Hence the new category “One Shot”.

Getting cooperation from teenage boys during a family session is tough, I’m not gonna lie, but I’ve learned a few tricks over the years that almost GUARANTEE genuine smiles…

One of those tricks is to ask the parents to give each other a kiss. Almost 99% of the time the teen will look at them, look at me and then a real smile! You just have to be ready to capture it!!!

Sunshine Wishes Photography Galveston Family Beach Photographer Jay Feature Image


If you would like me to share more photography tips, would you leave me a comment below? Pretty please? Comments are LOVE LOVE LOVED by me (and probably every blogger around!!) It’s just nice to know someone (anyone?) is reading!!


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